Amber Green : Shapeshifters In Lust


Reviews for Dead Kitties Don't Purr:

The best post-apocalyptic romance I've read so far! Five Stars!

Sarah's Point of View

...a bloody good and harrowing glimpse into what a real zombie terrorism virus government crackdown would look like, with everyone desperately pretending it would be okay, while they were cut off and quarantined and ran out of food and stopped trusting anyone.

Good Lesbian Books

This is a fast-paced story with a realistic, vulnerable protagonist, and her plain, honest narration adds potency to both the erotic and the horrific scenes.

Anything Horror

It's simply excellent. Highly rec. Two thumbs way, WAY up!

Kari Gregg


Reviews for Khyber Run:

five star read from JesseWave

From the first sentence onward, this story gripped me and pulled me in, and carried me far away to the land of rocks and wind, a land so forbidding, hard and proud that it created its inhabitants in its own picture. Five Stars!

Feliz Faber at Jessewave



Intensely exciting and beautiful....The romance isn't as tender or detailed as some might like (it's gritty and sexual), but it fits the story. Highly recommended!

Watermelon Jolly Rancher at Amazon

This is a fantastic story that I highly recommend to the people who want more meat in their stories. Four hearts.

MM Good Book Reviews

Khyber Run by Amber Green was a brilliantly written story, rich with authentic detail and exquisite use of language. Three Ravens.

Taz at BlackRaven's Reviews

Reviews for Turncoat:

I really, really enjoyed this story. Five Stars!

Kevad on Amazon

What an emotional roller-coaster this story was! It certainly was a great sequel to One Good Turn. It's action packed, sexually charged and difficult to read at times.


KT is an engaging and complex narrator, and you may find his story as unputdownable as I did. Top Pick!

Val at ARe Cafe

Reviews for Golden Boys:

...grabs the reader’s attention from the first page. The main characters, Ethan and Jell, fit together right from the beginning and their chemistry sizzles. Four nymphs!

Critter Nymph at Literary Nymphs

Very appealing viewpoint character, strong plot, and vivid location make this a good read. Recommended!

Val at Obsidian Bookshelf

...a novella filled with mystery, action, complex characters, and two men in love. Four Delightful Divas!

Doug at Dark Divas Reviews

Smart Ass: Pressure Point contains two novellas. I finished the first, Golden Boys, in one go because it's so good. Five stars!

Charles Edward on Goodreads

Green’s writing style is comfortable and easy to fall into. The story flows well and the characters are believable. The element of suspense takes the story beyond mere erotica. This is a story of hope and promise and the hurdles that make up a good romance.

Tammy at Love Romances and More

Reviews for Steal Away:

...there is an immediacy to the story that makes me feel that I’m there, right there, with the characters. B!

Jayne at Dear Author

What a rewarding delight... Rich in vivid poetic imagery that awakens all the senses, rife with historical accuracy and period detail, Steal Away immediately enraptures the reader and elicits intense empathy for the characters. From the beginning, I was glued to the page... 5 stars!

PermaFrost at Rainbow Reviews

As I read, I felt as if I was right there with the characters...unique and fascinating. Overall, I found Steal Away well-written, suspenseful, and quite entertaining.  Rating: 4.5

BD Whitney at Book Wenches

Amber certainly has a way with men. Hector and Stone are, each in his own way, compelling and incredibly hot. In spite of their rocky relationship, the sex is steamy. Throw Twilight into the mix, and emotions run rampant. 5 stars!

Ali at PracticalKatz

Reviews for Smart Ass/One Good Turn:

The chemistry between the characters is intense... 4 stars!

Lydia at Rainbow Reviews



I highly recommend this book. Both stories were a lot of fun, the characters were more than engaging and the relationships and sex were well done and very hot. 4.5 cherries!

Plumeria at Whipped Cream

Amber Green has, yet again, created complex characters and a page-turning plot...

A Auerbach at Amazon

One Good Turn is off-beat and intriguing. And I want more.

Nannette at Joyfully Reviewed

This book began really well. The scene with KT's parents, followed by his escape and capture, followed by another escape, was a mixture of thrills and great comic timing...I also liked that KT is not your typical helpless beta male.


Turner and Turner is one read you should not miss! Don't blink while you are reading this one you will miss something important!

Two hot peppers! Five kisses! A recommended read! Tina at Two Lips Reviews

...unusual and interesting characters.

Jenre at Well-Read

His attempts to seize control of the events impacting his life give the story an exciting, twisty plot.  ...[T]he vivid setting comes through: Florida in all its tropical, multi-cultural, surrealistic glory.

Obsidian Bookshelf

Reviews for Backtrack

The world of the huntsmen is enthralling; Ms. Green has built a world so real and so believable that you’ll be looking at ALL male identical twins twice from now on. Backtrack is another great look into this secret world of men that could quite easily be living among us. It wasn’t until after I’d finished that I made the connection to [Bareback] and you don’t need to have read it to enjoy this one. Five Angels!

Rachel C at Fallen Angel Reviews

I was rooting for Sugar from word one. The loving was hot and the action was intense.

Zayn at Joyfully Reviewed

Readers starting with this book will be totally lost. I’m sorry but there it is. This is a complex world with lots of rules which makes sense to those of us who’ve read the first two books but newbies will be floundering and pitifully calling for help...The scenes of Sugar dealing with Digger and his goons were horrifying but so well written that I could feel her terror... B

Jayne at Dear Author

The story doles out its fair share of humor, suspense, and spicy encounters that will be well worth a read. Four Nymphs!

Scandalous Minx at Literary Nymphs Reviews

Reviews for Bareback

...a dark tale of terror and courage...Bareback has such depth that I found myself completely engrossed and unable to put the book down.Five Angels!

Rachel C. at Fallen Angel Reviews

...another amazing story filled with strong characters capable of standing up and being noticed.Five Nymphs!

Scandalous Minx at Literary Nymphs Reviews

Monsters, sex, and romance fill the pages of Bareback. When not hunting for the killers, Joe and Brian are steaming up the pages with their unlikely yet very hot romance. I love them together. Their differences make them an interesting and awesome couple. With its excellent storyline and two very strong and sexy leading men, Bareback is fantastic entertainment.

Nannette at Joyfully Reviewed

This book is very good.

Elisa Rolle on Live Journal

...a fast paced page-turner. I highly recommend this novel to readers of gay romance who want to tackle a story with a more involved plot or anyone open-minded who enjoys a good thriller.

Blake Fraina at Uniquely Pleasurable

It turns into a Fellini-esque tour of the bad side of town, and ends with Brian witnessing a gang-related murder...So now we have our hot gay couple ready to face off against gang-warfare, hydes, conspiracies, and dangerous politics involving the local huntsmen. We also have a lot of detailed, well-written sex scenes.

Val Kovalin at Obsidian Bookshelf

Bareback was a story that kept me on the edge of my seat and kept me up late reading.

Julia at The Romance Studio

...twists and turns that will surprise and delight... Green's writing is spare and gritty while the humor strikes a nice balance between nostalgia and despair. Four Stars!

Marame at Rainbow Reviews

The story oozes testosterone...these characters sound like men instead of a female romance novelist's idea of what sounds like men. They also sound like experienced police and firefighters.B

Jayne at Dear Author

Four flowers!

Pam at My Book Cravings

I enthusiastically recommend it. Four Cherries!

Chamomile at Whipped Cream/Long snd Short Reviews

I absolutely loved The Huntsmen 2: Bareback! This story will grab your attention from the first word and keep you turning the pages well into the night. Four and a half kisses!

Bella at Two Lips Reviews

Her writing is gorgeous.

Teddy Pig


Reviews for Lights Out!

"Amber Green has written a taut and compelling story in Lights Out. The heat level in this book is scorching. Lorelei's attempt to hide starts a rollercoaster ride of fear, excitement and burning passion...Her Huntsmen were deliciously yummy, powerful and protective. I really enjoyed this tale and hope she takes us back visit her twin Huntsmen again."  Five Angels and a Recommended Read!

Dana P. Fallen Angel Reviews

Set in New York during the Second World War, this alternative history novel evokes the distinctive atmosphere of film noir. Three

Samantha Masters at Just Erotic Romance Reviews

Read this with my breath held throughout the whole thing. I almost didn’t want to exhale when it was done. 41 of 50

Book Utopia Mom at Book Utopia

...imaginative and mesmerizing, with some spectacular turns of phrase that makes the author's voice stand out from the crowd.

Book Utopia Mom at Book Utopia (year-end wrap)

Amber gives the reader twists around each corner. Watching Lorelei, Tommy and Jack grow and nurture each other, as well as face hard realities, made it hard to put down the book until the last sentence was read. A Golden Blush Recommended Read! Five Nymphs!

Scandalous Minx at Literary Nymphs Reviews

I like the use of period sounding dialogue and descriptions which give a really good feel for the setting of the book. There's no way this could be mistaken for a contemporary. I like that Lorie doesn't immediately jump right into the sexual situation and turn into an erotic pro after one boinking. ...I enjoyed your writing and read the whole book almost in one sitting...B-

Jayne at Dear Author

...fascinating story...and the sex is hot...Three stars.

Romantic Times Book Reviews eerie story with cool imagery.

Nannette at Joyfully Reviewed

The struggle to balance possessiveness and separate relationships gives this story depth beyond that found in many ménage books. I love hot three way sex, but I love a really good story about the underlying relationship of the ménage even more. Four and a half bookmarks!

Yosha at Wild On Books

...loved the details of everyday life that Ms. Green threw in at the appropriate time, giving the reader a good feel for what it was like to live in a time of war with rationing, blackouts, women working in factories, and talk of the war in Europe in the newspaper and newsreels. These facts and the use of period dialogue gave the story a feeling of reality... Three Flowers!

Pam at My Book Cravings


Reviews for THE SUBJECT and Secrets, Vol. 20:  Surrender to Pleasure:

...a reader will not be disappointed... Five enchantments!

Debbie H. for Enchanting Reviews

The Subject is a paranormal romance peopled with shapeshifters, both good and villainous. It's well written, with a format that reads like a video game with plenty of action and suspense. Steamy sensuality builds between Tyler and Esau until it finally erupts and binds them deeply together. The Subject is a taut thrill ride.

Jennell for RRTErotic, exciting, and hot...

Midwest Book Review

Amber writes just about the sexiest werewolf I've ever read!

Leigh Court, who is widely read and never wrong!


Reviews for HAWKMOOR and Secrets, Vol. 13: 

“…my favorite Secrets Volume yet!!!” 4 plugs and a star!

Thia McClain for The Romance Readers Connection

“Her characters are edgy and engaging. But the sexy love story between Darien and Mary Alison is the show stopper! This is an excellent story for those who love super sensual shifters with a wolfish edge that includes soulful love.” 5 hearts!

Patrice for The Romance Studio


“Mary Alison and Darien are interesting characters with complex personalities. It is fascinating to watch them dance around each other's emotions as they attempt to get to know one another. The sex scenes are not the main focus of this story but they are intimate and nicely described. The supporting characters are interesting and add more depth to the story. The plot line is intriguing and kept me on the edge of my seat.”  4 cups!

Susan White for CoffeeTime Romance


“This story did not interest me and I found myself wanting it to end because I either did not follow what was happening to the degree I feel the book needed from the reader or was so disgusted with the characters that I just wanted it over.” Cupid-Plot-Factor: 2.5   Cupid-Pleasure-Factor: 3.0

Marina for Cupid's Library Reviews


HAWKMOOR "was an unusual story which this reader did not develop an affinity for but others may enjoy.”

Susan for Love Romances


“[A]n interesting story…filled with passion and excitement.”

Jennifer Bishop for Romance Reviews Today


“Hawkmoor is an awesome twist on the shifter world and is sure to be a hit with paranormal fans everywhere. Jam-packed with action and hot sex, this short story will not disappoint.”  5 angels!

Jennifer M. for Fallen Angel Reviews


“Emotions and flames blaze high in Red Sage’s latest foray into the sensual and delightful art of love. A fantastic keeper.” 4.5 Stars!

Faith for Romantic Times Bookclub


“…sizzling love scenes -- some of them are kind of kinky -- are coupled with emotional epiphanies, making Secrets Volume 13 a red-hot, seat-squirming, summertime sizzler.”

Cheryl for Heartstrings Romance


“…hot with fabulous protagonists.”

Harriet Klausner


“I found this one to be fascinating and relished the extreme push-pull nature of Darien and Mary Alison’s relationship. However, Lia, a strong secondary character who wants to bond with Darien and Mary Alison to form a legal triad (a husband with two wives), creeped me out big time. The threesomes she forces both sexually and non-sexually are not easy reading. Her character bought the grade down on this story a full grade. Grade: B-”

Lea Hensley for All About Romance


“If you love shapeshifters, this is the story for you! Fascinating twists and a new world to explore, with exciting action and interesting characters. A wonderful new voice in paranormal romance.”

Robin D. Owens 2002 RITA(r) Winner Paranormal Romance


“A hearty mix of high sensuality and exceptional world building, ‘Hawkmoor’ delivers on its paranormal promise.”

Cricket Starr


“‘Hawkmoor’ is an incredible story… The love scenes will keep readers in a constant state of heat and running for a cold shower.” 4.5 Blue Ribbons!

Angel for Romance Junkies


“I truly enjoyed Amber Green's tale of Hawkmoor. The fine balance between the paranormal and reality was artfully balanced. I found the interaction between Darien and Mary Alison passionate yet playful. The way he helps her come to terms with her destiny makes you love him even more. Yet, you enjoy every moment of her defiance. You can't help but wish for this story to never end.”  9 gargoyles!

Aline de Chevigny for In The Library


“...the book was great....”

Judith A. King, on Amazon


“I read all stories in this anthology. All good. But the most memorable, ingenious and compelling was Amber Green's Hawkmoor. I want to read more stories of this unique world of shape-shifters.

Jacki Bentley, on Amazon


Hawkmoor is worth a read.”

Suni Farrar, for Just Erotic Romance Reviews


“[I]nteresting in the context of this anthology but it's also at the end of day a bad Merry Gentry fanfiction." 49

Mrs. Giggles

The only problem with this story was the length--it was a little too short, which allowed not enough detail on some issues. Otherwise, I absolutely loved this one. The shapeshifter society was intriguing and unusual. The matriarchal leadership was a nice change, and I was very impressed with villains who weren't exactly villains--they just had conflicting goals. The romance was refreshing, too, in that instant attraction didn't cause them both to immediately forget everything else.


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